The Ways in Which Peace Falls


‘The Ways in Which Peace Falls is set across five planets, each within our own Cosmos realm. The story begins when a lost girl, Ben, encounters Heiðrún upon a beach. Heiðrún wields great influence, her origins unclear. Ben is desperate to return home and so Heiðrún offers to lead her back to Earth. Wary as Ben is she accepts Heiðrún as her guide. Ben learns of a secret system of tunnels that link each planet within The Cosmos. She sees evidence of how her race of Humans are evolving, their malice spreading from planet to planet, an ever increasing threat to the secrecy of the tunnels. Yet Ben is not the only one to have recognised this Human epidemic. Apep the World Encircler, Deification of Darkness and Chaos, a creature of the Underworld, has wrought the condemned spirits of Humanity in an attempt to establish new dominance. The Cosmos’ secrets are at last beginning to unravel, Apep’s shadow looming larger with each new orbit.’