“A handsomely produced book (The Book of Apertures).” ~ Philip Pullman

“I love Lazy Gramophone, you’re doing terrific work.” ~ Terri Windling

“In a time when publishers are taking fewer and fewer risks on
unknown writers, Lazy Gramophone are to be applauded for giving
their collective a chance to shine.” ~ Litro Magazine

“A wonderful environment of ideas and imaginings –
The Lazy Gramophone group as a collective have demonstrated
a remarkable and inspiring ethos throughout and their willingness
to provide a means of expression is second to none.” ~ Amelias Magazine

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Lazy Gramophone was established in 2003 with the aim of helping independent artists, writers and musicians gain exposure and showcase their work. www.lazygramophone.com, designed by Ben Chidgey, was the initial platform from which these works were projected into the world. To this day the website is constantly being developed, so establishing www.lazygramophone.com as one of the most prominent creative platforms in the UK.

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“Lazy Gramophone places a strong focus on collaboration. By encouraging artists and writers to work together and support each other, we hope to establish a sustainable creative platform upon which each member will have the opportunity and the resources, to not only create their own work but also to reach a wide audience once it has been completed.”
~ Sam Rawlings, Co-founder Lazy Gramophone

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Lazy Gramophone Presents. . .’ has hosted regular live events and small day-long festivals at The Macbeth, The Miller and at The Luminaire (all central London). These events have included music, spoken word, theatre, film, art displays, fashion shows and comedy. Throughout all of these activities, ‘Lazy Gramophone Presents . . .’ has remained dedicated to supporting and developing artists and groups from the UK and London. Among others, ‘Lazy Gramophone Presents. . .’ events have featured Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip (Sunday Best), Paloma Faith (Epic), Lucky Elephant (Sunday Best), Kate Tempest (Ted Hughes award for innovation in poetry) and Inua Ellams (National Theatre). Lazy Gramophone are proud to have instigated charity events in aid of Cancer Research UK and C.A.L.M: The Campaign Against Living Miserably.

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“During each creative project, we work closely with the artists and the writers involved, listening to their ideas and then proceeding with absolute care and with our full attention to the smallest of details; our focus remaining at all times on creating the work we love.”
~ Danny Chidgey, Co-founder Lazy Gramophone

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Art has always been an integral part of Lazy Gramophone and since the beginning of 2008, Lazy Gramophone Artists has been coordinating and collaborating with artists in the curation of gallery shows, displaying both up-and coming and more established artists’ work. In the past, Lazy Gramophone Artists has also been fortunate enough to have gained the support of London’s The Hospital Club. The club has exhibited and made available for sale, the work of artists from the Lazy Gramophone Artists cooperative. The artists featured were Tom Harris, Garry Milne and Dan Prescott, whose piece ‘Quentin Armstrong’ was also featured on the front cover of its members’ magazine. Further success in 2009 saw two more of the cooperative’s artists, Dan Prescott and Matt Black, commissioned to contribute work for ‘Love in the Sky’, the Institute of Contemporary Arts’ inaugural charity exhibition, auction and global competition launch. The event took place in June 2009 at the ICA. Further artistic developments have seen Lazy Gramophone establish a partnership with Rooms Uncovered Magazine. Rooms Magazine is an independent and open organisation based in London. Their main objective is to facilitate better connections between the art community and the wider public. Lazy Gramophone has also been represented at the Art Below art fair at the Candid arts trust in January 2012.

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“Lazy Gramophone is a strong supporter of independent shops and markets. We have made many strong and valuable links with stores both inside and outside of London. If you want to find a Lazy Gramophone item, then we encourage you to explore your local shops and markets.”
~ Phil Levine, Co-founder Lazy Gramophone

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The Lazy Gramophone Press department remains focused primarily upon the publication and distribution of books. Lazy Gramophone Press was established in 2006, and on 1st May of that year, published Adam Green’s debut novel, Satsuma Sun-mover. The novel went on to be long-listed for The Dylan Thomas Prize for literature. Lazy Gramophone Press then went on to publish Sam Rawlings’ poetry collection Circle Time, 2007, and a limited edition of his short story book Echoes of Dawn, 2008, as well as a series of handmade illustrated poetry booklets featuring collaborations between artists and writers. Lazy Gramophone Press’s first large scale collaborative project, The Book of Apertures, was published in 2010: containing fifteen short stories and nine poems by fourteen different writers, exhibiting forty-one pieces of original artwork by nine different artists, The Book of Apertures represents a series of explorations into the enigmatic nature of life, as viewed through each contributors personal aperture. Building upon this success, Will Conway’s short story collection, Tastes of Ink, was published in April of 2011. This was closely followed by Liz Adam’s poety book, Green Dobermans, which was published in September of the same year. All of these works are available via the lazy gramophone shop: www.lazygramophone.com/shop.

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“By sharing in this way we hope to inspire each other as well as those around us, to draw a diverse audience and so help to illuminate the work of alternative artists and writers everywhere.”
~ Dan Prescott, Co-founder Lazy Gramophone

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Other Lazy Gramophone Publications:

Satsuma Sun-mover, by Adam Green

A magical sift through the hoary old chestnuts of the coming-of-age story, Adam Green’s first novel charts the oft explored depths of a young man’s soul with great wit and imagination. Fresh-faced, underweight and overdressed, Theo Fintwistle embarks on a surreal journey to free mankind from the tyranny of the post-modern condition equipped only with a bizarre shopping list and youthful idealism. Rattling round the universe like a Murray mint in God’s pocket lining, Theo encounters a range of weird and wonderful characters who help him in his quest to free a humanity clutching onto unhappiness with fag-stained fingertips. In so doing he puts philosophy in an uncomfortable black chair and quizzes it until it bursts into tears. With brilliant ideas and hilarious writing throughout, this is a fantastic and accomplished debut.


  • binding: paperback
  • category: Fiction
  • author: Adam Green
  • illustrator: Carl Slater
  • isbn: isbn-10: 0955253004 – isbn-13: 978-0955253003
  • price: £6.99
  • size: 125mm x 202mm
  • extent: 198 pages
  • illustrated: Yes (20 black and white illustrations)
  • publication date: First Published in 2006
  • publisher name: Lazy Gramophone Press
  • distributor: Central Books

‘Nominated for the Dylan Thomas Award’



Tastes of Ink, by Will Conway

A message; A history; A quest; A passing; A death sentence; A claim; A sacrifice; A confession; A loss;
Nine stories, some sweet, some rather unsavoury… but all very tasty.

Will Conway’s first book, complete with illustrations by Daniel Chidgey, is a collection of short stories about life, death and everything in between.


  • binding: paperback
  • edition: 1st
  • category: Short Stories, fiction
  • author: Will Conway
  • illustrator: Daniel Chidgey
  • isbn: 9 780955 253058
  • price: £4.99
  • size: 124mm x 198mm
  • extent: 130 pp
  • paper stock: 100% recycled paper
  • illustrated: Yes
  • publication date: 1st April 2011
  • publisher name: Lazy Gramophone Press
  • distributor: Central Books

‘Tastes of Ink by Will Conway is sodden with intellect. The stories are fresh and insightful and his prose is spotless.’
~ Brighton Lite

‘Tastes of Ink by Will Conway is entertaining and thoughtful, assembled and presented with care, and well worth reading.’
~ Zouch Magazine



Green Dobermans, by Liz Adams

The poems within Green Dobermans often emerge and unravel through dream: a new country is drawn in an imagined future only to reveal its history; familiar capital cities blur and collide; personal explorations of love as well as death rise to the surface of lakes, forests, and the city; green dobermans race across the sleeping mind while stars adjust their constellations and blessed horses gather around the lip of an oval lake.

Liz Adams is a London-based writer and researcher. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Her work has been published in several places, in print and online. Her current research looks at the emotions of envy and seduction.


  • binding: paperback
  • edition: 1st
  • category: Poetry
  • author: Liz Adams
  • designer: Dan Prescott
  • isbn: 9780955253065
  • price: £5.99
  • size: 130mm x 216mm
  • extent: 60 pp
  • paper stock: 100% recycled paper
  • illustrated: no
  • publication date: 1st November 2011
  • publisher name: Lazy Gramophone Press
  • distributor: Central Books

‘An expressionistic dream.’ ~ The Times Literary Supplement

‘Here is a brand new voice, a first collection: sharp in its own air.’ ~ Centre for Poetics, University of London



The Book of Hours, by Sorana Santos

A young woman attempts to demystify contemporary music to her lover through the art of poetry and letter-writing.

Seven poems in Oriental forms and re-orgsanised based on 20th Century music idioms. The new poems draw parallels between love and devotional worship while questioning the interplay between fate and free will.

The Book of Hours corresponds to Sorana’s album ‘Our Lady of Stars’, and along with its audiobook reading The Book of Hours forms one part of a multimedia work on the relationship between the written and sonic aspects of both literature and music.


  • binding: paperback
  • edition: 1st
  • category: Poetry
  • author: Sorana Santos
  • designer: Dan Prescott
  • isbn: 9-780955-253027
  • price: £6.99
  • size: 130mm x 216mm
  • extent: 180 pages
  • illustrated: Yes (black and white illustrations)
  • publication date: First Published in 2015
  • publisher name: Lazy Gramophone Press
  • distributor: Central Books


‘Wonderful and original writing, gave me goosebumps.’ ~ Niraj Chag

‘So evocative, moving, complex and haunting; sheer beauty.’ ~ Olivia Fuchs, ENO

‘Took my breath away.’ ~ Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing

‘Her music shows the flair and imagination inherent in her personality. A very versatile composer.’ ~ Diana Burrell

‘One of the best pieces I have seen in my time at The Guildhall.’ ~ Julian Philips

‘Peerless’ ~ Tracy Keeling, The Rose Theatre

‘Sometimes a piece of music stops you in your tracks… I am well and truly stopped.’ ~ Andy Boyd, Babyshambles / Sophie Ellis-Bextor

‘Her writing is littered with love, faith, and empowerment.’ ~ Sabotage

‘Sorana has stunning vocal ability, singing with clarity and power whilst playing intricate guitar work… her talent is undeniable.’ ~ Music Earth Rise

‘…teams with a quiet eroticism and a deep sense of musicality.’ ~ Richard Scott, Resonance FM