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Books have always fascinated me. I began to develop my own writing through the study of poetry. My poems have since appeared in a number of literary magazines such as Fire, Obsessed with Pipe Work and Harlequin. After university I went on to co-found Lazy Gramophone. It was during this period that I published my first book, Circle Time. Lazy Gramophone led me to appreciate the value of collaboration. I have since invested a lot of time and energy in editing two large collaborative projects: The Book of Apertures and Time.Photo strip


Storytelling seems now to have become the main focus of my work. I have published numerous stories, both within The Book of Apertures and Time, as well as within the Lazy Gramophone Shorts series. A limited edition print run of my apocalyptic short story Echoes of Dawn remains on sale in the Lazy Gramophone Shop.


As for the present; well, I grow increasingly obsessed by the building of worlds and particularly enjoy stories that contain an element of magic as well as a good deal of adventure. My current work-in-progress reflects a fondness for these things. I hope to release it one day soon.


The End. 

Sam Rawlings